Intra Oral Camera

Visiting a dentist for the first time can be quite scary. Most people fear of pain and are anxious when the dentist is using various dental instruments inside their mouth. However, with modern technology, an anxious patient can now see exactly what a dentist sees inside a mouth. This can be done through an intraoral camera. At Southgate dental, we use all the modern facilities and state of art equipment so that our patients are comfortable and rely on our dentists completely. An intraoral camera is a tiny video camera that looks like a pen. The device is sterilized and used to capture images of inside of your mouth. You can see these images on a TV monitor and know exactly what is happening in your mouth. An intraoral camera helps you to check the conditions of your teeth and gums so that you can keep them healthy and hygienic.

Some General Benefits of an Intraoral camera

1) Provides a better understanding to patients about their dental needs and requirements.

2) Sometimes, a visual examination is not enough to recognize potential problems. An intraoral camera allows a dentist to check all potential dental problems that could have been missed.

3) An Intraoral camera also allows a dentist to effectively monitor a patient’s dental health and progress.

With an Intraoral camera, our dentists at Southgate dental can show you the actual picture of your teeth. This provides you with a complete and thorough understanding of your specific problems and needs. Southgate dental always keeps its equipments and technologies updated so that we can always provide you with better facilities.

Main Advantages of an Intraoral camera

1) Intraoral cameras provide magnifying images at a significant level. This allows the dentist to see open margins, fractures and caries that would not have been easily visible.

2) Co-Diagnosis is usually a key to the patient’s acceptance toward the dental plans. A patient who can see the problem as the dentist actively participates in the treatment of dental problems. Such a person is inclined to accept the dentist’s recommendations for treating the problems.

3) An Intraoral camera allows the dentists to have a permanent record of the patient’s condition before starting treatment. A patient may also be encouraged with before and after photos of the treatment. It is also beneficial to have a patient’s dental records from a legal point of view.

4) Photo documentations also speed up the process of insurance claims.

5) An Intraoral camera has the ability to handle multiple views, so that a dentist may see clearly inside a patient’s mouth.

6) These cameras are the size of a pen. Therefore, they are very portable and can be connected to different operatories in a large clinic.

7) A standard intraoral camera displays four images simultaneously. This is a great help to a dentist who wants a view of the teeth from different angles.

8) Intraoral cameras come with both manual and auto focus features. This makes it is very easy for the dentist to handle the camera.