Your First Visit

Your first visit is your first introduction to our office and our first introduction to you. We always set aside extra time for patients coming for the first time.

If you are booked for an emergency or for a specific concern, we will only really address that concern.

If you are booked for a complete New Patient Exam then the process is more involved. It is very important for us that you leave our office with a good understanding of the condition of your mouth. As well, we like our patients to have a good knowledge of what treatment is required and the estimated cost. Our best long-term patients are our best-educated patients. We want to make sure you fit into this group.

At your first appointment, we ill go over several things.

Medical History: Are their any medical conditions that will affect your dental health.

Your Dental Health: What is the exact condition of your teeth. Do you have any cavities? What needs to be restored?

Soft Tissue Analysis: Are these in good health. (ie. cheeks, floor of the mouth, tongue, hard & soft palate, back of the mouth). We look for any signs of oral cancer.

Periodontal Health: What is the health of your gums. We will measure your periodontal pockets. This measurement made in millimeters is a very important consideration in determining the health of your gums and a good predictor if you will be losing teeth to gum disease in the near future.

Oral Hygiene Check: How are you doing at keeping care of your teeth and gums at home? How is your brushing and flossing coming along?

Prosthodontic Evaluation: If you are missing any teeth, what are the suggested ways to replace them and what are the different options?

TMJ: How is your Temporo-Mandibular Joint. This is the joint the connects your jaw bone to your skull. Is there any clicking sounds coming from here. Do you have any associated pain or any limits to movement. What treatment options are available?

As well, you should also leave our office with a written estimate so you will have any idea of cost. We don’t like surprises in this area any more than you do.