Digital X-Ray

Dental technology has brought about various changes in the dentistry practice by introducing modern techniques, which allow patients to receive high quality dental treatments. These innovations not only omit the pain, but also save lots of time of the patients, as well as doctors. Modern techniques in the field of dentistry are being developed to make digital dental X-rays safer and more convenient.

Digital dental X-rays emit low amounts of radiations to protect patients from extensive exposure to radioactive rays. At Southgate Dental our team of doctors prefers using digital X-rays for scanning the condition of teeth to make the treatment safe and sound for our patients. Let’s explore the benefits of using digital X-ray to diagnose the condition of the tooth and gums from the root.

Benefits of using Digital X-ray(s)

Less Radiation - The foremost benefit of using digital dental X-ray is that the patient is exposed to up to 90 percent less radiation as compared to conventional X-rays. However, traditional dental X-rays are relatively safe, but digital X-rays are preferred at a clinic where X-rays are taken on a regular basis or for those patients who cannot tolerate much radiation.

Saves time on Dental Appointments - Use of digital X-rays shorten the time of dental appointment. You don’t have to wait in the doctor’s cabin or waiting zone of the clinic until the film is being developed. Interestingly, the sensor in digital radiography develops the picture almost instantly and projects it onto a computer screen right before your eyes in no time. Thereby, saving you a lot of time!

Capable of generating high quality images - The standard size of a traditional X-rays usually make viewing difficult, but the concept of digital radiography believes in "one size fits all" mentality. Once the sensor flashes the result on the screen, the picture can be enlarged, magnified or zoomed for a better visual of the structure of a tooth. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast and color of the picture for better viewing. Digital images can also be printed in no time, in case you wish to keep a hard copy of the X-ray for your record.

Transferring of records - Just like taking out the printout, it also possible to save the picture of the X-ray and share it with others through mail or fax. Transferring of the record is usually performed when the dentist wish to transfer your case to another dental specialist present at the clinic or to get a second opinion.

Environmentally Friendly - Without any second thought, digital dental X-rays are very environment friendly. No amount of chemical is used to develop the film and no other space is required for a dark room.

How does it work?

A small camera, about the size of a peanut is placed into the patient's mouth for scanning the affected area from the core. An image then instantly pops on a connected computer in front of you. After studying those images and considering your final decision based on the consultation, the dentist begins with the treatment. These images are then stored in your file create on the computer for easy retrieval when needed.

The team of doctors in Southgate Dental believes in using updated technology and innovations made for the welfare of patients. We aim at making your visit to our clinic a safer, faster and easier experience. From dental implants to cosmetic dentistry, our dentists prefer using Digital X-rays keeping in mind your overall health!!