Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy of practice can be summarized by two words …


Ottawa Dental Society We are a family practice and are very fortunate to count up to four generations of some families as patients
Ottawa Dental Society Do you have questions about your dental care ?

Our best long term patients are our most educated ones.

That's why every member of our team is trained to answer your questions patiently and comprehensively
Ottawa Dental Society Don't like surprises when it comes to the cost of your dental care?

Neither do we. That's why you will know in advance about costs, payment options, insurance issues and treatment alternatives.
Ottawa Dental Society Hate waiting?

So do we, that's why we are proud of the fact that we run on time for over 90% of our appointments.
Ottawa Dental Society Dental Emergencies !!!

Your dental office needs to be there for you when emergencies arise.
On regular office days, we are set up to see emergencies on that very day.
Ottawa Dental Society Scared of going to the dentist ?

You're not alone. Over the years we have been able to help many overcome their fears by using gentle small incremental steps.
Ottawa Dental Society It's important to listen.

That's what we think. We need to understand you and your needs if we are going to create long term patients and long term dental health
Ottawa Dental Society DENTURES IS NOT AN OPTION!!!

There is no replacement for your own teeth.That's why we believe in our approach of long term preventative maintenance and minimal interventional treatment.
Ottawa Dental Society Like to see smiling happy faces?

We believe in what we do and are thrilled with the long term relationships we have created. That's why we're smiling.