Dental Financing

We understand that the decision to undergo quality dental care is not taken lightly. As such, our goal is to make sure you do not experience any major surprises when it comes to the cost of your dental care.

It is important to us, that each patient understands the present state of his or her teeth and gums and overall oral health. We will always provide you some direction on what treatment is required now and the cost and what treatment will be required in the future and the best way to avoid costly dental treatment.

We always provide a written estimate of any major work and will send this to your insurance company BEFORE any treatment is undertaken. Various treatment options and costs are always explained before hand. No surprises for you, means happy patients for us.

We offer payment plans to patients when major work is involved and will help you in submitting insurance claims and insurance pre-determination forms.

We believe that investing in your overall oral health is one of the best things you can do but a well-informed patient is the best type of patient when it comes to Dental costs.